Linda Penhall

12 10 2010

Linda Penhall left her native home in Ireland for the sunnier climes of South Africa in 1997. Upon arrival in Jo’burg, she did something totally out of character―she bought an Irish Pub and Restaurant. Prior to this, she was involved in the equestrian and airline industry, so becoming a restaurateur was a rather strange experience and one that didn’t last―it just wasn’t her. Two years later, she packed up and moved to the Eastern Cape where she now lives in organized chaos as a full time writer, along with her husband and daughter, two spaniel type dogs, a lovable but loopy ginger cat and of course, her well-used laptop.

Her debut novel They Never Gave Up, published by IFWG Publishers is available from:

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Both Cathy and Pauline continue to leave footprints―raised ones…

Cathy is gorgeous, smart and quick witted—her life looks promising to say the least. And to round it all off she has a devoted husband who thinks the world of her. Everyone assumes she’s got it made. But has she?

Pauline is the life and soul of every party—firmly believing the world to be some kind of giant playpen. Underneath this rebellious guise is a woman who desperately wants someone to love her for who she truly is.

Set in an Irish backdrop, the story humorously explores the vibrant and multicolored lives of these two lifelong friends as they love, work and laugh in the midst of horses, rehab, aviation, a whisky guzzling skinflint father and a deplorably meddlesome mother-in-law.

They Never Gave Up will strike a chord with all women especially those who have ever been let down to the point of betrayal.


They Never Gave Up is packed with so many emotions and the voices of the characters are wonderfully authentic. It’s also a heartwarming read that to me, places a wonderful emphasis on the power of true friendship. I think if you’re looking for chick-lit with substance, you’ll definitely find all that and so much more in They Never Gave Up. Tammy February – Women24

A cracking good beach read. Barbara Manning – South Africa

Delectably honest, laugh-out-loud funny and heartfelt. Tim Botha – Go Magazine

Sample or purchase her latest book Flashback to her Past

ISBN 978-1-60313-986-1 at:

Nomsa loves her job as a midwife in Johannesburg General. Her life is ticking

along nicely, until Johnaton crash lands back into it…

Nomsa and Johnaton started out together in the vastness of Alexandria Township, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Virtually inseparable they romp amongst the abandoned shells of burnt-out cars and tumbledown dwellings. Their magnetic bond lasts until he abruptly leaves for Cape Town to study medicine. This devastates Nomsa.

Ten years later, Johnaton returns and persuades her to join his newly formed mobile medical team OutVac. They soon realize the overcrowded wards within the city hospitals, were nothing in comparison to the harshness they meet head-on in the far-flung rural communities. They’re up against more than they bargained for.

Will Nomsa and Johnaton rekindle their past?

Maybe, but time has changed both—they’re not the same as they used to be.

Title: Flashback to her Past
Author: Linda Penhall
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

ISBN: 978-1-60313-986-1